etsh-5.1.5 patch & etsh-5.1.0 base

Saturday, 2018/04/28, 23:46 UTC By V6Shell (Jeff)

This is the 1st released patch set for etsh-5.1.0.

v5.1.5 release details

This latest patch release of etsh (ET the Extraterrestrial Shell) is available via:

There are *.xz* files, if you prefer (to download 45907 less bytes, or 44.8 less kilobytes in the tarball, and/or to save that much disk space too). Here’s a link to the XZ Utils, if you don’t know what it is.

I welcome all feedback; you’ll find my email address in the README and other files. Please drop me a line if you’d like to help in some way.. Notice that the etsh-5.1.5 release is available on GitHub as well…


Please see the etsh-5.1.5-git.log file for the log of changes / commits during the journey from etsh-5.1.0 to etsh-5.1.5. It’s not quite as nice as a well written release entry in CHANGES, but it’s the best I could do under the circumstances. My plan is to move back to a normal release process that allows me to write a proper CHANGES file now, before the next release.

v5.1.0 release details

etsh-5.1.0 base, from which etsh-5.1.5 patch comes, is available via:

It’s also available via the etsh-5.1.0+5.1.5-patch.diff(.asc) patch file. I imagine that shouldn’t be too surprising. etsh-5.1.5 is a patch(ed) release, after all.

Notice that the etsh-5.1.0 release is available on GitHub as well.


If I may… With the etsh-5.1.0 and etsh-5.1.5 releases, I feel like I’m finally back on track with everything. After etsh-5.0.2, I must admit that I got a little lost, and etsh-5.1.0 was a difficult release, the most difficult in a long time. I really should have asked for help, but I didn’t; it was a mistake; that’s for sure! Why, what happened? Well, fear got a hold of me for some reason…

I was rather ashamed of etsh-5.0.2 due to some scary security-related terminal & escape character kind of stuff that I had ended up learning about after its release. Then, in March, I don’t know what I did exactly (well, I have an idea), but the compiled code was being quite contrary, and I just wanted to release the next fixed version of etsh, tsh, and friends. It had been way too long.

Fortunately though, things turned around and got better after the first few days of April. It seems the release of OpenBSD 6.3 helped cure whatever it was ailing the Etsh Project & myself. I am truly grateful. If I know nothing else, I know that much.

Thanks & Enjoy & Cheers! =^)

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