Sunday, 2017/10/01, 23:45 UTC By V6Shell (Jeff)

Release details

The latest official release of etsh (ET the Extraterrestrial Shell) is available via:

I welcome all feedback. You’ll find my email address in the README file.. Notice that the etsh-4.8.0 release is available on GitHub as well…


[etsh-4.8.0] (latest):
osh.[1c], err.h:
        * Added a new -n (noexec) flag/option to allow syntax checking
          while not executing command lines.  Notice that this only checks
          syntax with the shell's input and command-line parsing routines,
          not including glob, if, goto, and fd2 errors.

and a snippet from the etsh(1) manual page too:

     -n   (+) noexec: The shell performs no command-line execution.  It only
          checks the syntax of each command line, after performing parameter
          substitution and word splitting.  The shell ignores this option for
          interactive and login shells.

Thanks & Enjoy & Cheers! =^)

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