Sunday, 2017/08/27, 23:00 UTC By V6Shell (Jeff)

Release details

The latest official release of etsh (ET the Extraterrestrial Shell) is available via:

I welcome all feedback. You’ll find my email address in the README file.. Notice that the etsh-4.7.0 release is available on GitHub as well…


[etsh-4.7.0] (latest):
	* Changed v6shell (dot) org references to etsh (dot) io,
	  and references to too, almost 
	  s/ in effect, but not quite.

	* There were no code changes in sh6.c or any of its external
	  utilities (glob.c, if.c, goto.c, and fd2.c).

	* New feature; user can set the shell command prompt,
	  and the shell will prompt the user with it.  Doing
	  a `set P value' will get you rolling.

osh.1, sh6.1:
	* Reworded the description of how an interactive shell prompts
	  the user for the sake of clarity.

	* Added this new command file to help users set P on the fly.

Thanks & Enjoy & Cheers! =^)

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