Why I Fly with OpenBSD

A classic Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How tale about my OpenBSD adventures! =^)

OK, you got me; it's not exactly all that... But more how I came to use it as one of my most trusted computing reference points for life, liberty, and happiness.. It's all about freedom, you see!

For me, it all started with SDF and NetBSD and GNU/Linux and the desire to learn. This was way back in 2001. Then, by 2003 I had already started using OpenBSD almost exclusively and continued to do so until 2005 when I bought my first Mac, a Mac mini (CPU: PowerPC G4). I still used OpenBSD, but my enthusiasm for doing so had waned by 2009.

Flash forward to today... And let's see.. Where do we stand now!?.

OpenBSD 6.0 was released last week, on Thursday, 2016-09-01. I was already running 6.0-current on my "Vintage" MacBook Pro (2009), and I updated to the latest post-release snapshot on Saturday. Consequently, there was really no reason for me to upgrade to 6.0. That said, I had run the equivalent snapshot for a few days about a month ago. But let me tell you this...

It's super shiny and exciting for me! My move back from (Mac )OS X was a long time coming, too long in fact. But now, I'm moving right along contentedly on OpenBSD, and perhaps more effectively than on OS X too.

I've put a couple screenshots below for fun.

Haven running OBSD on MBP (screenshot) Haven running OBSD on MBP (screenshot 1)

Running the openbox window manager and rxvt-unicode (urxvt) and too much other software to mention here really...

But wait! Now, I don't want to freak anyone out ;^) I'm not an office-suite kind of person at all (vi & vim are more my speed), but I was pleased and thankful to see that installing LibreOffice via OpenBSD Ports gave me a perfectly usable word processor (+ other office-suite software I may or may not use). Either way, OpenBSD is here to stay!!

Here's to OpenBSD! It's great to be home again... Still, I've much to learn.. This seed was planted in me long ago, and OpenBSD is the perfect place to learn. Do you have a question? No problem. The answer is there in front of you.. You just have to think for yourself, read, do some research, and think some more to connect the dots is all...

And that is always a worthwhile endeavour, for all of us! I am forever grateful to the OpenBSD team for all of their hard work over the years.. Cheers & Pax & Thanks!!! <3 =^)