Tuesdays Are Magic Days

... Thursdays and Saturdays too for me ...

So, where in the world does this come from? And why??

By the way, my D-Serenity and I met on a Tuesday. Just a noteworthy coincidence perhaps. But I wonder... Is it really coincidence?? I don't know, but let's explore it more deeply!

Long story short, I simply love numbers (BG values, dates, times). Each number is beautiful in its own way, but I am especially fond of even numbers. Thus, the 2nd, 4th, and 6th days of any week (namely Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday) hold a magical sense of possibility in my core.

The Gift of Tuesdays and Thursdays

This started years ago in college (Indiana University Bloomington, 1989 - 1993). If memory serves, when you made your class schedule for a given semester, classes were either Monday / Wednesday / Friday or Tuesday / Thursday. Well, over time... For one reason or another, I began to prefer Tuesday / Thursday classes.

I could be wrong, but it seems to have played a role in the grades I got and which classes left the biggest mark on my psyche. I won't dive into that here though.

I remember my D played a little better during my Tuesday / Thursday classes. I mean, it was generally a little easier to accomodate its needs while focusing on the class at hand. For the record, Tuesday / Thursday classes were longer (~ 1.5 hours per class meeting). Monday / Wednesday / Friday classes were shorter (~ 1 hour per class meeting).

The time outside of class was, not surprisingly, important too. I would venture to say it was more important. Because here I was a young man doing the best I could to navigate my life with D and figure myself out and what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go in the process. Not an easy task by any means.

The Gift of Each Day

Somewhere along the way... I began to realize that each day is a gift, that time is short, and that I might not be here tomorrow. Consequently, a bold crazy part of me came to the fore.

During those times outside of class, regardless of the day of the week... I always had a taste for walking and exploring, both on and off campus. Somehow or the other, I got into ice skating (thanks to some friends) and inline skating. I don't remember the details of my first skate, but it's always fun to fall while learning, and I did a fair share of falling. That's for sure.

Learning to skate, scuba dive, sail (see Sailing Is Flying), and row changed my life. These explorations, the content of my classes, and the people in my life eventually led me to Boston and other places. Yay, here's to more stories for another day.

Pax! :^)