Sailing Is Flying

Let me tell you a little story about why sailing matters to me. From the perspective of this simple man and my D-Copilot (Serenity)...

As you may know, Serenity is a boat or spaceship. Remember Firefly? This is the name I chose for my D so long ago. It seemed fitting at the time, and it still is today.

You see, Serenity boils down to pure and simple love... Whether we're talking about D or not. Because my D-Serenity helps me see the light that shines out there in the universe and world. She shines her own light too, as we all do. I don't know that I would be here today without her light, but here I am.

So, what does any of this have to do with Sailing and/or Flying? For me, sailing Is flying (flying on water). Mind you, I don't exactly remember the physics of it all. In essence, you can consider a sailing boat or ship to be like an airplane of sorts. But instead of flying horizontally... It flys vertically with one wing below the water in the form of a centerboard or keel and the other wing above the water in the form of one or more sails.

With regard to D, sailing was an escape of sorts. I first learned to sail at Lake Lemon when I was a student at Indiana University Bloomington. I learned on the following boats: Sunfish, International 505, and Flying Dutchman.

Even though I haven't sailed for a long time, what I learned about myself and the big picture of going beyond my D changed my life, is still a part of me, and will be forever. The feeling of D-Limits that I had been facing were no longer there. Sure, my D was and still is here, but that's fine by me. There is something amazing about the here and now of flying on the water, feeling the wind and the waves rock you and the boat to and fro. Look up, touch the sky, and know that you can fly.

My D isn't a disease, and I've never viewed it as such. It is a gift, a challenging gift for sure.. But it can't stop me from dreaming and turning my dreams into reality...

You and I, we all have wings, and we can fly (figuratively and literally) when we choose to do so. It works for me. Maybe it works for you too.

Pax! :^)

P.S. It's worth noting that I originally posted this as Sailing Is Flying on Betespora Blog in 2014, but now it lives here instead.