1st patch of osh-4.2.0

The latest official release of osh is available via:

I welcome all feedback. You'll find my email address in the README file.. Notice that the osh-4.2.1 release is available on GitHub as well...

There's nothing Earth-Shattering in this patched release, but it's important in any case! Please feel free to comment below and/or share this post with others...

Thanks & Enjoy & Cheers! :^)

Trivia & Fun

Because my UNIX baby, osh-4.2.1, started in UNIX Diapers long ago in a galaxy far away! Remember... UNIX and UNIX Diapers give all our bladders and computing devices much more strength than they would have otherwise!! ;^)

UNIX Diapers

FWIW, I found this image on DMR's Home Page too long ago to remember and had to save a copy of it for fun! Hahaha... :^D ( and I just found it again .. See DMR's OtherUnix Page for more info .. Enjoy )