1st Release of 4th Implementation

The latest official release of osh is available via:

I welcome all feedback. You'll find my email address in the README file.. Notice that the osh-4.2.0 release is available on GitHub as well...

Why change version-number format

As you may have noticed, version numbers for osh releases now use a major.minor.patch, non-date-based format, instead of a YYYYMMDD, date-based one. So then, where osh-20150115 was osh-4.0.0 in spirit and osh-20160108 was osh-4.1.0 in spirit, osh-4.2.0 could have been osh-20160420 in reverse spirit if you like.

Ummm!?. What are you talking about, man?? Hahaha! :^D Seriously though, there is a reason why or a rationale if you will, and it goes something like this...

Well, you see. If you've never read the AUTHORS file and/or the Older Releases page, please do so.. Especially AUTHORS, as reading it will pretty much clarify everything, obviating the need to write about it here perhaps... ;^)


The long and short of it is that osh-4.2.0 is the first (1st) official release of the fourth (4th) implementation of the osh project. That's what the "spirit" talk above and in the CHANGES file means, if anyone is curious. It's not a new implementation per se, but a shift of version-number perspective for this project. That's all.

No worries. The osh project is still alive and well. I still care for it. It is part of my spirit and has long been one of my learning vehicles, you see.

The one thing of which I am not sure is the following... How many people actually use osh and/or sh6 every day?? Is it only me? I would really be interested to know!

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Thanks & Enjoy & Cheers! :^)